Complete transport solutions.

We ship goods in domestic and international rail traffic in block trains, as both conventional and intermodal transports.

We collaborate with reliable suppliers for services such as warehousing, transshipment, shunting operations, customs services.

We offer specialized assistance and consultancy in finding optimal transport solutions, adapted to any need.

The main goods transported by rail for customers:

Raw materials
Grains and feed products
Chemical products
Timber and wood
Petroleum products
Packaged products

We have developed strategic and reliable partnerships.

Transport and logistics

Through Cargo Trans Vagon, the company’s home railway operator, we organize in optimal safety and price conditions, the railway route on the Romanian infrastructure, also offering “last-mile” services in multiple locations, on public and / or industrial lines.


We have developed sustainable partnerships with a variety of transport companies, offering the guarantee of reliability and prompt services at competitive prices. We provide transparency and we get involved in every stage of the transport operations, thus contributing to full completion of any project.

Private and state railway carriers

We collaborate with private and state railway operators on the domestic and international market, being able to offer our customers the best transport options and guidance routes.

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